SketchMill Website revamp!

April 11, 2017

SketchMill Website revamp!

We’ve launched a new website that has significant improvements to make buying from SketchMill easier and faster.  We’ve also created two segments for the SketchMill range, SketchMill Iconic and SketchMill Moments

The SketchMill Iconic collection features all of the Melbourne, Sydney, Australiana and wanderlust images and includes all of the different types of products where these images appear. We are building on this range with a series of highlight color images in limited release that will also feature on new postcards and the 2018 calendar.  Soon we will be releasing new images of Australian animals and outback icons.

The SketchMill Moments collection features our traditional images for birthdays, births, weddings, gifts and other special occasions. It is now much easier to find the right kinds of images in this collection using the Shop by Occasion menu.

The other two significant changes are in navigation and adding items to your cart.


The main menu on the new website has changed from a product centric approach to reflect the different ways you can find what you are looking for.  Rather than use a flat menu structure we now have drop down menus that allow you to navigate more quickly to the range of products you are seeking.

Once you are in a collection of products you can also use the tags on the left-hand side to refine your search within the current collection.

Adding items to your cart:

In the past the process of adding items to you cart was simple, however it took you away from the area of the website you were browsing, making it difficult to continue shopping within a range.

Now using the “Quick Shop” option you can add multiples of an item to your cart and then continue shopping where you left off. This makes it extremely easy to purchase different items from a single collection with a couple of clicks.  Simply use the “Quick Shop” button on the image of the item you want to access this method of purchase for that item.

We hope you find these changes to your liking, we think you’ll love them!

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